About Passium
We listen and understand you

Our years of technology experience in training allow us to listen to your requests to better target your needs. Our business understanding and technological know-how allow us to easily translate your training needs in unique course tailored to your business.

Our methodology is unique

Throughout the years, we have built a methodology that can be tailored to training projects of all sizes. The method enables us to quickly evaluate, monitor, develop, and implement your training needs.

A relationship you can trust

You will work with competent, professional individuals who are experienced in the field of training and coaching of skills development. You’ll find it easy to establish a relationship of trust and productivity with us. We effortlessly and effectively integrate ourselves within work teams of any kind.

The Team

Our Values

Our values are expressed in one word : PASSIUM

Above all, we are passionate about our area of expertise. Our passion for training inspires our creativity in each of our projects and is reflected in the training services we offer our customers.

We are very attentive and are always listening to our customers to preserve a relation of trust and dependability.

At all times, we realize services and high quality products. Passium training is distinguished by an approach where quality is paramount in its methods and its results. We do not leave room for a work where quality is not met.

We consistently foster a sociable and collaborative work environment with our customers, partners, colleagues and suppliers. Our use of a well-balanced sense of humour makes for pleasant interactions.

Acting with integrity and transparency affords us credibility and maintains the trust and respect of our customers and business partners.

Our approach is unique to each client. Because each customer is unequalled, our customized services and products distinctly represents our customers.

We have developed a process that is simple, efficient and methodical. The courses are developed using the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) method, but it goes far beyond that.